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Planets at Events – Autumn 2009

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Adding Quality-Awareness to Evaluate Migration Web-Services and Remote Emulation for Digital Preservation

Evaluation of distributed migration and emulation services is vital to trustworthy decision-making in digital preservation planning. This paper presents a preservation action monitoring framework that monitors and measures tools during execution. It presents the framework and the results of experiments on migration and emulation services.

Significance is in the Eye of the Stakeholder

Custodians must focus their attention on preserving the most significant characteristics of digital content, even at the risk of sacrificing less important ones. This paper considers what is meant by the ’significance’ of digital objects, analyses the domain and introduces clear terminology.

Just One Bit in a Million: On the Effects of Data Corruption in Files

This paper reports on comprehensive research into file formats’ capability to retain information safely despite data corruption, in the case of file formats in the image domain.

Digital Preservation: Logical and Bit-stream Preservation Using Plato, EPrints and the Cloud

Preservation may often be sidelined by the practical constraints of running a repository. This tutorial presents facilities in the E-prints open-source repository platform for dealing with preservation and new mechanisms for integrating the repository in cloud and user desktops to provide managed storage solutions. It considers the process of creating a preservation plan using Planets’ Plato tool resulting in recommendations for informed and accountable preservation actions.