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Planets Testbed is now open for external users (Public Beta)

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Posted on 1st March 2010
With the release of version 1.1, the Planets Testbed has been opened up for external usage. Users are invited to execute experiments on the behaviour of digital objects and tools in the Public Beta version of Testbed.

The Testbed v1.1 (Public Beta) offers an intuitive 6-step workflow enabling users to find out more about the behaviour of tools and digital objects in a digital preservation setting. In a scientifically sound environment, experiments on different preservation methods may be executed on an annotated set of data (Corpus).

V1.1 includes:
  • Different experiment types that can be executed including migration and emulation

  • A data set of almost 5000 annotated digital objects

  • Analysis, characterisation and reporting options

  • The possibility of integration with other preservation planning tools

For login information (or any question on the Planets Testbed) please contact our Helpdesk:

To get more information about the Planets Testbed have a look at

The Planets Testbed is a web application, that helps you to find out about the performance of tools. It offers a controlled hardware & software environment and provides structured processes for the arrangement and evaluation of experiments on preservation as well as a set of structured test data (Corpora).

Planets Testbed